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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Healthy Substitutions

In thinking about today's post, I decided to write about some things that I am substituting in my life physically and spiritually so that I may live a healthier life.

1. Extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil for crisco or vegetable oil
2. Honey or agave nector for sugar
3. Wheat flour for white flour
4. Frozen or fresh veggies instead of canned
5. Almond milk, rice milk instead of cows milk ( we were having allergy issues)

1. Pray when I get up instead of worry...
2. Pray while I walk instead of depending on what my own understanding is...
3. Pray while I lie down instead of being anxious...
4. Seek the things of God first and instead of my own desires...
5. Ask myself during times of worry or angst, if this is temporary or eternal , instead of blowing things out of proportion...

And lastly for today, I am working toward using only enviornmental safe household products, from my personal hygiene, housecleaning, and laundry.  I have found that I have less breathing and allergy issues if I do.
Any questions about that let me know.

Until next time,
Hugs <><

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  1. Very well done. Easy to follow and informative. Thanks for sharing.:)