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Monday, January 23, 2012

Sixty Days To A Smaller Me Day 1

I am reintroducing myself to you all.  I am on a different path with this blog now and also because, I don't know if any of you truly know me.

My name is Cecile, but my hubby Bob calls me" Cee," I have been married for 21 years, I have 5 children. Ages ranging from 17 down to 2.  I had my last three babies all within 3 years.  They are now 5, 4, and 2 1/2.  I have been actively working out 3 to 5 times a week for about 6 months. I have gain much strength and some muscle. However, I have not been able to take off the last of my "baby fat."  Mostly because, I have bad eating habits.  I have decided to do a nutritious diet for the next 60 days and change my life for my family and most importantly myself.  I want to live an abundant life now, and keep it going as long as the Lord Jesus will keep me on this earth.

I will post as often as I can about what my body is doing, from weight loss, to the food I am eating, to detoxing and many other things.  

The reason I am doing this blog is to keep myself accountable.  I am not a very consistent person in regards to weight loss.  I have never really been on a diet, and if it wasn't for my oldest daughter I wouldn't be exercising.   I do however, realize that my body was created for a purpose while I am here on this earth.  Being sick and unavailable to do the things I am created for is such a waste of a me being here.  So to honor my creator, I am going to once and for all get healthy.

I pray you will walk along with me, if you are a praying person, keep me in your prayers.
I will need it.  If you want to join in this adventure with me you can sign up for free at and click on the Waistline Diet.

Until next time,

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Healthy Substitutions

In thinking about today's post, I decided to write about some things that I am substituting in my life physically and spiritually so that I may live a healthier life.

1. Extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil for crisco or vegetable oil
2. Honey or agave nector for sugar
3. Wheat flour for white flour
4. Frozen or fresh veggies instead of canned
5. Almond milk, rice milk instead of cows milk ( we were having allergy issues)

1. Pray when I get up instead of worry...
2. Pray while I walk instead of depending on what my own understanding is...
3. Pray while I lie down instead of being anxious...
4. Seek the things of God first and instead of my own desires...
5. Ask myself during times of worry or angst, if this is temporary or eternal , instead of blowing things out of proportion...

And lastly for today, I am working toward using only enviornmental safe household products, from my personal hygiene, housecleaning, and laundry.  I have found that I have less breathing and allergy issues if I do.
Any questions about that let me know.

Until next time,
Hugs <><

Friday, June 24, 2011

Doing My Best, and Laughing About The Rest

First let me say thanks to Barbara Johnson for the title of this was very fitting...

What a beautiful day I had today. I spent almost the entire hot day outside.  From mowing the lawn, to pulling up bushes, to making a great homemade slip and slide area for my kids. 

In the midst of all that, I had times where things just didn't go as planned.  I wanted to make the yard look good, and my kids to have the best time. I just wanted to get way too much done in one day.

After yanking up some old azalea bushes and I mean old, they had roots that I thought reached to China, I decided to mow over the area.  In trying just a little too hard to get an area cleaned up, I got the riding mower stuck.  I was so frustrated.  I had worked so hard all day and then to end it getting stuck...I wanted to cry.  Well my wonderful oldest daughter runs and gets the four-wheeler, and in  first born fashion, she proceeds to get a chain and she and my 14 year old daughter pulled me out.  We just started laughing.   It was great fun and we made a great memory.  If I had cried, yelled or got really mad, I think my girls would not have as wonderful a memory as they will always have, of mommy getting stuck and they got her out.

Today's tip:  Laughter makes good medicine.  Laugh, have fun, doing something you don't normally do that you would have done 10 or 20 years ago. 
Job 8:21 He will yet fill your mouth with Laughing. :)

Joy is the one contagious disease that's welcomed by the medical community. (unknown):)

I found this on

Laughter has a real beneficial effect on your physical health, according to research. In the study, subjects were observed as they watched both serious movies and comedies. During the comedies, their arteries dilated and their blood pressure dropped, suggesting that laughter can in fact be a powerful medicine indeed.

The study looked at 20 healthy participants with an average age of 33. The results showed for the first time that laughter is linked to healthy function of blood vessels. It appears to cause the endothelium, which is the tissue that forms the inner lining of blood vessels, to dilate or expand in order to increase blood flow.

The study also showed that the opposite effect occurred when the subjects watched suspenseful films, suggesting a link between mental stress and the narrowing of blood vessels.
A separate study also found that viewing a humorous film may be helpful for the study and treatment of local IgE production and allergy in the reproductive tract. 
Until next time, Live, Love and Laugh,    HUGS <><  Cecile

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Name Same Game

Today, while I was thinking about what I would write, I was actually  thinking of some of the things I do right now to try to stay healthy. The word "Quest" came to me.  Such an odd word, not used much in today's society.  So I decided to look it up, because I feel like this journey I am on to make my family's life as healthy as it can be, is going to take a lifetime.  Therefore I believe it is a quest, thus the change in the name of my blog.  So for those of you who don't think in the Medieval terms, here's what it means.  Quest: 1. to search or pursue, in order to find or obtain something.  Well that's just what I feel I am to do for my family.  Find the best ways for our family, to stay healthy spiritually, and physically, and to live as full a live as we were created to have. 
So I have talked about our water consumption, I talked about sleep, and by the way, rest in the afternoon is huge in our family, if we are home. We all oldest to youngest still put our feet up for at least 15 min a day.  Look at other cultures who have long living, vibrate old folks, they all took siesta's growing up. 
So today here is my new tip: cut back on  cooking with fat, we use good oils, coconut, extra virgin olive oil instead of vegetable or even butter.  However, I still use a little butter on my  cabbage and eggs in the morning.  My kids love it, and hey, if they are going to eat cabbage, I am going to give them a little butter.
By the way, since I am not your all or nothing kind of person, I have been slowly introducing new things into our diet for about 10 years.  So if I can do it, so can you.  It's not hard to start getting healthy, you just have to want to do it.
Have a blessed day, and remember you are what you  I just ate a granola bar, I am pretty nutty.  lol  corny I know.

Hugs, <><

–verb (used without object)
to search; seek (often followed by for  or after ): to questafter hidden treasure.
to go on a quest.
Hunting (of a dog)
to search for game.
to bay or give tongue in pursuit of game.
–verb (used with object)
to search or seek for; pursue.
1275–1325;  (noun) Middle English queste  < Old French  < LatinquaesÄ«ta,  feminine past participle of quaerere  to seek; (v.) MiddleEnglish questen  < Old French quester,  derivative of the noun

quest·er, noun
quest·ing·ly, adverb
un·quest·ed, adjective

1.  hunt, seeking, journey, mission, enterprise. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Some Words Are Like Medicine

Today I started out with a devotion with the children, little guys and big guys, that I thought was fitting to my quest for a healthier lifestyle.  In the morning in our house we have mostly early risers.  Yes, everyone is usually up by 7:30.  But we do have a couple of stragglers, who just by their make up, don't usually have a smile on their face and or a kind word for anyone.  Over the years, in my training of the children, I have not let them get out of their beds if they were going to be grouchy or unkind in anyway.  However, they also are not allowed to stay in their beds.  So, in the off chance I have had to send them back to bed, I only allow them a few moments of composure time.  I have made it a point for many years, unless sick, to have a smile, a good morning hug and a usually a kind word for each individual in the house.  I have found it makes the grouchy, moody attitudes disappear pretty quickly.

Back to our morning devotion time, which by the way, usually happens at the breakfast table with everyone present.  The verse was Proverbs 16:24  Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.  I know from experience if I speak ill words to others, their countenance drops, their shoulders sink and they walk around like a sack of potatoes.  However, as in most mornings, you can usually find skipping, running, and laughing in our house.  I hope that it is because, I have found a cure for the "grouchies."

Health tip for today:  Go to bed early enough, so you can get up refreshed and able to give a kind word to someone the next day.  I have heard it said, figure out what time you want to get up and count back eight hours and that is the time you should be in bed.

Imagine how many diseases may be cured if we went to bed and actually got the rest our bodies needed.

I leave you today with yet another verse Proverbs 17:22 A joyful heart is good medicine.

My question:  I wonder how much medicine would not have to go through our liver if we actually had joy?

P.S. I feel I should PS this with, I am not perfect, their are times when I need to go back to bed to because I haven't got the rest I needed.  :)